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Are You Taking Advantage of "National________ Day"?

September sometimes feels like the new January - the Summer haze is starting to dissipate and it's time to ramp up business initiatives. One of those initiatives is likely outreach and increasing your brand's presence. If you aren't quite ready to make any partnership or company announcements, a great way to do this is through the hundreds of National Days, Weeks and Months that cover everything from Healthy Aging Month to National Underwear Day. I can guarantee there is a day out there that is relevant to your brand. Some are silly...some are serious...all are a great opportunity to put out fun and interesting content.

In Need of Social Content?

Content is King! Create content to go live on your company blog, newsletter, or LinkedIn page *before* the national holidays, national weeks or months that is relevant to your industry (read: search engine traffic). Then you can publish another day-of post, linking back to your first one. Share it on social media (make sure you note "link in bio") with a relevant image that fits your brand image, use a relevant hashtag for maximum exposure in case users search the hashtag on social media. I suggest using Canva for projects like this because they have pre-made templates for any social channel you can think of - Instagram, Instagram stories, and even Facebook banners.

Sales and Giveaways are Always a Good Idea

Put something on sale and spread the word on your Facebook page, email newsletter, Instagram page, and website (easily add a temporary pop up or banner when you use platforms like Wix). If you have a physical location, put signs up! Consider partnering with another relevant brand to curate an enticing giveaway that your followers (and theirs!) will find hard to pass up. Local brewery? Specialty beer mug maker? Pair up and do a giveaway on National Beer Lover's Day (September 7th). Utilize hashtags and require entrants to follow both brands and tag 3 friends for a chance to win - instant followers who will likely appreciate the tag and could turn into loyal customers!

Get The Gang Together

Celebrate! Get your team and clients/customers together at your office, storefront, or other physical location in honor of the national holiday (read: experiential marketing). Stage it well and take pictures for social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, using the related hashtag such as #NationalBeerDay (April 7th, just sayin). Repurpose the pictures along with a blurb about the celebration and use in your next newsletter, on your company blog, or your website’s About page. Create an event and post it to local event boards and community Facebook groups, have your publicist circulate the event details to local outlets and influencers, and *always* create a Facebook event page and EventBrite page to get more eyeballs on it!


All of the days you should know about for 2019-2020:

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