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6 Office Finds from Amazon's Treasure Trove That Will Make You Excited to Work

It's safe to say that Amazon can be a treasure trove of amazing finds. Did you know that some of the best office organizers and supplies are on this site? Prime members, rejoice!

Let's talk office decor upgrade - if your office is located in your home, as mine is, then you know how important it is to keep your work space separate from the rest of your house. I suggest you start with designing and personalizing a space that is totally different than the rest of your home. Who knows, it might even make you excited to get working! Here are 6 must-haves that you can buy right now, with one click!


1.Matching Millennial Pink Desk Set - Blu Monaco


This set has 5 pieces - pen cup, mail organizer caddy, paper tray, magazine holder, and sticky note holder. Major plus, it's the perfect pink color and not too bulky that it takes up too much space on your desk. It also comes in teal, black, white and green but I'm loving the light pink.

2. Rose Gold Cell Phone Stand - Tobeoneer


Are you constantly on conference calls, Skype video conferences or google hangouts? You need this stand! It's not only adorable but so functional. Never again will you have to hold or awkwardly prop up your phone for a video chat. Genius! It also comes in black, gold, and silver.

3. Ceramic Elephant Succulent Pot & Saucer (set of 2) - Beautyflier


Plants - succulents in particular - need I say more?

4. Clear Tape Dispenser and Stapler - Kate Spade


The gold plate on each says "Make It Stick" and "Keep It Together"..I'll let you guess which. This set makes the mundane task of joining papers together oh-so-much-fun!

5. Rose Gold Paper Clips (70pcs) - MultiBey


Are we sensing a theme here? Rose gold everything! Dress up your documents. Why? Because you can and because it's not expensive to add a dash of color!

6. 17 Month Large Planner - Pipsticks+Workman


As the creators put it, every #bossbabe needs a planner to help her conquer the year, and here’s yours for August 2018 through December 2019. It’s super fun, it’s colorful, it’s customizable—it’s everything you need to make this year your best yet. And because stickers make everything better, it’s filled with 1,300+ original stickers, plus other awesome goodies. I love the set up of this organizer. There's something about writing on physical paper that I love. It's so cathartic to cross out your to-do's as you do them!


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